Welcome to IT Dental Clinic.
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About Dental Esthetic

Dental Esthetic is the treatment to
realize higher quality of life by regaining
beautiful mouth and teeth function.


IT Dental Clinic’s idea about dental esthetic

Some people may be satisfied with beautiful white teeth. However, is white teeth enough for beauty?
IT Dental Clinic thinks that true dental esthetic comes from combination of “beauty function” which shows essential role and function of the teeth as much as possible.

All the treatment to regain original function of the teeth belongs to the dental esthetic.


Ceramic Treatment


Anti-aging Effectiveness

Detox for the purpose of health and beauty is the hot topic these days. However, it is not effective at all to do the detox without removing stuffing and covers inside the mouth. True detox need to be started with removing metals inside your mouth which do not fit your body. This will lead you to the true anti-aging.

Our clinic inspects different oral conditions of each patient and proposes treatment and materials after multiple consultations.



We use technology to whiten the teeth from
internal without damaging any teeth.

Our whitening method is not only removing stains attached on the surface of the teeth but also whitening the whole teeth. We whiten the teeth by resolving stains on the teeth and brightening the teeth without damaging the surface.


Dental Esthetic


We remove stains caused by cigarette resin, tea, coffee and red wine etc. using special equipment and two kinds of pastes, and polish up to the glossy teeth. We use fluorine to infiltrate into the surface of enamel as the final process. We select equipment and paste with the best care not to damage the surface of the teeth.

PMTC (Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning)

We remove stains and old plaque or dental calculus with accumulated germs which cannot be removed by self care by using special equipment. We keep your mouth-flora healthy, and then polish up to the glossy teeth to keep away the stains.