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Implant Treatment

What is Implant?

Implant is a dental treatment to retrieve beautiful teeth as before, by implanting artificial teeth roots in the place where original teeth were lost. This treatment can be applied to both multiple and single loss of teeth.

IT Dental Clinic is aiming for “Quality of Life”, life with lots of smiles. Implant treatment enables you to enjoy delicious food and achieve beautiful and healthy mouth.


About implant

With current implant treatment, we use artificial teeth roots, which are almost 100% pure titanium and implant this to replace the teeth roots which have been lost. After that, we build the teeth on that just as post crown. It is quite similar to building your own teeth once again, so the feeling of chewing is just the same as your own teeth. Human teeth encounter huge force every day. They play important role in keeping the body stable when eating, exercising and so on.

Implant treatment will not be invasive to other teeth since the treatment only focuses on the area of lost teeth. In addition, this treatment can help you to retrieve firmly fixed teeth, which enable you to chew hard stuff. However, this treatment requires artificial root to be implanted into the jawbone, which is very different from normal dental treatment, so please consult with us. We have sufficient knowledge and technique as well as reliable equipment.




Implant is 100% free from cavity due to its material, so it might even be more reliable in that point comparing to natural teeth. However, there are some cases that implant becomes useless after a while. Most common reason for this consequence is periodontal disease. Implanted teeth are weaker than natural teeth, in terms of protection against periodontal disease, so inflammation speed is also very quick.

Therefore, there is a possibility that implant need to be removed in case when maintenance is bad. Please do the required maintenance every day in order to keep the comfortable life for a lifetime.

Another important point is periodical check. Even after daily maintenance, plaque can be accumulated due to lack of brushing. Therefore, we may ask you to come to our clinic for periodical check and receive professional care. This is the key to maintain the implant treatment for a long time.

Available Implant

9 types

We prepare implant surgery
that fits each patient’s jaw condition.

Despite we have stated only 9 types of implant above, we can also prepare other implant surgery according to your needs.
Why do we use various kind of implant?
This is because treatment which utilizes each feature of implant is very important based on bone shape, bone quality, implant part, visible part as teeth, and so on.