Welcome to IT Dental Clinic.
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Terms and Privacy


Terms and Privacy

1 About copyright

Copyright for all the contents inside this website belongs to our clinic. Please get our approval (written approval) in advance whenever you use the content in this website. Revision, diversion, distribution to the third party, and sales are strictly prohibited without any prior approval.

2 About trademark

Trademarks, logos, and service marks shown on this site are registered trademarks of our clinic as well as other companies or unregistered trademarks.

3 About link to homepage

It is basically free to link our homepage, but there may be some cases of rejection based on the homepage content of the original link and method of setting the link. Also, we basically ask you to set the link to our top page (http://it-dental.or.jp).

4 About change, suspension or cancellation of service content

We have the right to change, suspend or cancel the service of this site without prior notice to customers. Also, there may be cases for temporary or long-term suspension of this site without any prior notice due to system trouble and server maintenance. We are not responsible for any troubles caused by change, delay, suspension and cancelation of the service of this site.

5 About cookie and Javascript

Some parts of this homepage use cookie and Javascript for the convenience of browsing. Some contents may not be shown properly if you set these settings invalid on your browser. Please set cookie and Javascript valid on your browser when you read our homepage.

6 About plug-in software and Java software

Plug-in software such as “Adobe Acrobat Reader” may be required to see PDF files on our homepage. Also, parts of our services use Java software. Plug-in software and Java software can be installed from the following company homepages for free of charge. Please refer to each company’s homepage for the detailed method for installation.

download and install Adobe Reader from here.

download and install Java from here.

7 About exemption from responsibility

We are not responsible for any damage or loss occurred to you and the third person by using this site, and we would not bear any compensation for that.